Turn podcasts into YT shorts using ChatGPT

Upload your YouTube videos, podcasts and recordings. Daily ContentZ uses OpenAI's GPT technology to automatically identify key moments designed to be shared as YouTube Shorts, Reels, TikToks

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Works automatically. Just add videos

Yup. Just copy and paste your videos. What's more, you can create your own clips based on speaker detection, topic selection, and more. Like what you made? Export as a TikTok, YouTube Short, Reel, or all the above, and then some

Record once per week.

You already have your long form Webinars, Sermons, Podcasts, we could make over 5 clips from one video

Upload your Footage

Your content is analyzed like it would by professional writers & editors, and your result is out in minutes You sit back & relax.

We find all of the best moments.

You no longer need to spend time finding time stamps of places you said amazing stuff. We find those moments for you


Find key moments to clip in 10 seconds

Get auto-suggested clips based on topics discussed in your videos or search for your own keywords and topics. Resize them to your liking and export away.


Instant Subtitles

Caption your videos automatically with >95% accuracy for most webinars/video podcasts. Edit, burn to video, or export as .SRT. It's your world.


Chop by speaker, topic, and more.

In addition to getting auto-generated clips, you can easily create and edit your clips based on an ever-growing variety of filters.


Export more than just video.

Turn text transcripts into articles. Turn your videos into audio podcasts. Download .SRTs to edit further in another video editor. The only limit is your imagination.

Used by over 200 companies in 10 countries

“Game changer. We just upload our longer videos and turn them into social media savvy content in just a few clicks. Subtitles and all!”

Lisa Pearson — Founders, Eltien

Dailly Content helps us easily search our videos by topic and create social clips based on them. Saved us a lot of time to create engaging content versus trying to do everything manually.”

Jack Warren — CRO, Azatech

Finding and generating clip ideas is a breeze. I can tweak the ones I like further and export them to create lots of subtitled social clips. Before chopcast, this previously took hours when I had to watch videos manually!”

Tom Rogers — Owner, Prology

Frequently asked questions

What is Daily Content

Daily Content uses NLP to automatically find, edit, and share key moments in your long recordings, allowing you to share them internally with your team or externally on your marketing and sales channels.

How does chopcast find key moments?

Using our proprietary methods and technology, we identify engaging topics and segments based on analyzing each video individually against large data sets and inferences. Daily Content will learn from you the more you use it, too.

What content can I repurpose?

Long-form videos like webinars, livestreams, video podcasts, virtual event footage, online courses, meetings, and more.

Can I edit the auto-generated content?

Absolutely! Auto-generated clips can be used as-is or edited as much as you like. You can also create clips by searching for keywords and topics, or scanning our suggested topics to create clips that way.

Go further with your recordings.

Turn your webinars, events, and video podcast content into tons of revenue-generating assets in minutes.

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